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Bendigo landscaper creates wow factor

Bendigo Mag Issue 21 - Bendigo landscaper creates wow factorMedia  /  July 20, 2011

When a leading builder wanted a dramatic entrance to his new display home he naturally turned to the Luke Bullock Landscaping team.

First impressions are never more important than when buying a home and, as Bendigo landscaper Luke Bullock can tell you, the assessment begins well before you step inside.

“It is a shame when you go into a new estate and you can tell the properties where people have spent all their money on the house and then think they can do the garden themselves with a few random trees and railway sleepers,” he says. “They end up ruining the whole look of the house.”

“That’s why we say, ‘look we have done the schooling, we have the experience – hire a professional and you will be happier with the result over a longer period of time because we know how to install things properly. Landscaping isn’t just about putting in a few garden beds. It is about finishing off a vision.”

Reuben Beazley Builders’ new display home in Marnie Road is a case in point.

“This was a modest courtyard-style front yard and we were seeking to give it a bit of ‘wow’ factor,” Luke says.

The centrepiece of the design is a large urn framed by classic stonewalls with paths of sawn bluestone. The hard landscaped areas provide structure for extensive plantings of dianella, convolvulus and dwarf polygala with a deciduous cercus silquastrum, or Judas tree, as it is commonly known, as the feature. The front of the property also looks attractive at night with strategic lighting providing the dual bonus of added security and safe passage.

“It can be hard being a landscaper sometimes because you put plants in with a picture in your mind’s eye that won’t really come to fruition for three years.”

The garden in Marnie Road will eventually ripple silver, dark green with a seasonal purple blush of the polygala flower. It is designed to be low maintenance, hard-wearing and to look attractive year-round.

“The idea with the stone is to create a natural backdrop. “Over the last couple of years we have started doing more and more stone work for our clients,” Luke says. “People love it. Stone has a timeless class about it. It doesn’t matter whether it is in a really modern, contemporary environment or a classic environment, it works brilliantly and there is no maintenance. We use a lot of timber and stone with our planting because they all complement one another.”

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