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Landscaping Bendigo – a winter haven

Media  /  April 11, 2011

On the outskirts of Bendigo is a picturesque location that was just dying to be the backdrop for a new landscaped garden.
– Esther McRae.

The garden in question was to be designed and created by Luke Bullock Landscaping. As I write, in April, Luke and his team of three employees have been working on this gorgeous garden for the past two months. The front garden was completed by Luke and his team last year, and the clients asked him to come back to discuss concepts for their backyard. The backyard was a completely baron area and Luke’s clients were unsure about what to do to utilise and beautify this space. They met with Luke to discuss concepts that would suit their budget and lifestyle. The garden was to be full of the ideas they discussed and has taken the form of a multi-levelled landscape. Indigenous native plants were used throughout the garden giving it a natural feel.

To make sure the plants survived and flourished, Luke cleverly experimented with particular plants before the garden was underway. The clients planned to water the garden using bore water. So, to test how well they would prosper considering this, Luke planted a number of different plants in the soil of the backyard first. The plants that survived being watered with the property’s bore water were then used throughout the landscaping of the garden. All plants on the property are drip irrigated. The plants must be hardy as the garden is subject to high wind and sun exposure. All plants also have a high frost tolerance as the area is prone to frost over the winter months. It’s prior thoughts such as these that ensure your garden survives and endures seasons and generations to come.

Grevilleas, Callistemons, Dianellas and Silver Birches were used throughout the area with a number of Leucadendrums cascading down a walkway which in time will turn a fiery red colour and will form a hedge when fully grown. It is not always necessary to add flowers for colour and in time these will maintain their warm glow throughout most of the year. During winter months like those we are about to experience, these clients can enjoy an open fire-place on the lower level.

This also has bench seating circulating it for parties throughout the year. This is definitely an entertaining area with a difference and would be the perfect area to sit with friends to keep warm over a good bottle of red. Near the open fire area, a number of Olive Trees were planted for something a little different, with a stunning Cleveland Pear Tree as the feature. Plants were also strategically placed around the garden so that when fully grown they will provide the clients with privacy from all angles. This is another factor that is very important when considering how you will want to use your garden and whether shelter and privacy is important to you.

In completing this stunning garden, the team from Luke Bullock Landscaping were supported by Brendan Bailey at Dirt Bark and Bits who provided sleepers, riverstones and Lilydale toppings, Epsom Sand and Soil and ASQ.

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