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Rain germinates Bendigo residential landscaping projects

General News  /  October 31, 2016

Bendigo district has enjoyed much better than average rainfall this spring, and gardens have relished the soaking, responding with vigorous growth as the weather warms and we head towards summer. The rain and corresponding enthusiastic response from plants are reminders of the beauty that exists within gardens and have rekindled thoughts of residential landscaping projects Bendigo gardeners had long ago relegated to the compost heap.

At Luke Bullock Landscape Design and Construction we’ve been watching Mother Nature at work this spring and must admit we’re excited and inspired by the canvases that lie before us.

All around us we see opportunities to transform tired and lack-lustre gardens into serene landscaped havens. For lush lawns where once there was dust, for paved walkways where dirt dominated, for rock walls and cascading water features, for artistic structures and landscape lighting effects. The ideas are endless.

We also see opportunities to tidy up residential landscapes in Bendigo and district. While all that rain has wonderful benefits and makes gardens grow, it also encourages gardens to grow as nature first intended – wild and free! If you’re battling with the beginnings of a jungle or wilderness, we’re happy to help tame the beast and bring your garden back under control so you can enjoy it and not wage war with it.

Your garden is your sanctuary, somewhere to escape from the everyday stresses of jobs, mortgages and life’s challenges. Your garden can have enormous benefits for your health and wellbeing and when it flourishes, you also flourish. We believe your garden should be precisely how you want it and Luke Bullock Landscape Design and Construction is here to help create a landscaped garden that reflects both your desires and your personality.

If you’re in Bendigo with residential landscaping plans to create a tranquil refuge then you need to contact Lake Bullock Landscape Design and Construction. We’ll help nurture and grow your landscaping idea, ensuring it blossoms into a natural beauty you’ll enjoy every day.

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